Take your Menu to the next level by labelling calories

With The Table Menu Software you can easily label calories and nutrition information on your Menu. You will only have to enter your ingredients. Our software will instantly generate the results, so there is no wait time.

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    Label Calories on your menu

    The Table Menu provides easy-to-use, affordable nutrition information and calories labelling to help you satisfy your customers

    Providing calorie counts on menus signals to customers that there is a level of transparency in your restaurant.  Therefore, making those who are concerned with calorie counts more likely to return and become loyal customers. In addition, a number of consumer reports have consistently revealed that more than half of the British public is in favor of having calorie counts on menus. And with this growing interest in health and wellness, we can only expect this number will increase. What are you waiting for? 

    How can I start adding Calories Labelling on my Menu?

    Three simple steps to start leveraging your Menu today


    Start your 30 days Free Trial

    Create your Account, set up the design of your Digital Menu while maintaining your Brand Identity. It will take you only 10 minutes .


    Build on your Menu Items 

    Firstly add your Menu Items, you can easily add the price, the description and finally you can also add personalised product options. 


    Add Nutrition Information

    Flag your Menu Items as Vegan or Vegetarian, then add the allergens from a predefined list. Finally add all the nutrition information by simply entering your ingredients.

    Add more flexibility and the benefits multiply

    By using the Digital Menu Solution you will be able to easily organize, display and maintain up to date your Digital Menu. No more time waiting. No more extra costs. 


    Maintain accurate, recorded allergens and Dietary Requirement Information


    Easily flag and configure Vegetarian and Vegan Items


    Automatic filter by dietary requirements


    Add seamlessly Nutrition Information with The Table Menu Software 


    Customize your Digital Menu by maintaining your Brand Identity 


    Add all kind of promotions on a daily basis 

    manage nutritional information on menu

    Calories labelling never been so simple.

    Start today to immediately notice a great improvement on your work flow and your customers’ experience.

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    (Average score: 4.9/5)

    Explore the complete Digital Menu Solution

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